Our Next Event

Wednesday, March 18th
6:30pm - 9pm
@ Rumpus Room Milwaukee

Theme: More MI than NOLA

Hi beer lovers! We're back for March for another adventure in beer. This time 2 of our club coordinators are heading out of town to bring us treats that can't be purchased in our fair city. Brandon is heading to Michigan and with the glorious bounty of great breweries and brews there he'll be coming back with some excellent stuff. Andrew is down in New Orleans and on the hunt for some of their better offerings so we'll pepper in some new tastes from down south in with the Michigan lineup. So come and join us on March 18th for all that and everyone's favorite game, beer trivia where we'll ask "what is the name of the Sumerian goddess of brewing" and much more... cheers!

Tickets*: 20 Available

* No physical tickets will be printed. We'll contact you by email and have your name on our list when you arrive.

Questions/Comments: chuck@madeinmilwaukee.com

Made in Milwaukee is proud to present the city’s newest beer club! Join us once a month for a sampling of top-notch and unusual beers, including a featured local homebrew from various local homebrew enthusiasts.

This is a great opportunity to taste unique beers of many styles from all over the world. Join us to learn more about beer, sampling, tasting etc… and share your thoughts with other local beer-lovers!